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What is a SpotVac?

SpotVac is the new revolutionary Sub-Surface Extraction machine that helps clean spills and pet urine from your carpet.

What is Sub Surface Extraction?

Sub-Surface Extraction is the process used by professional carpet cleaners to clean pet urine and odor, feces, vomit, and liquids that has saturated deep into the carpet

How it works?

The SpotVac takes Sub-Surface Extraction to the next level to flush-clean spots, contaminates and odors that are beyond the reach of virtually all other cleaning products. By first saturating the contaminated areas with our special SpotVac flushing solutions that are designed to safely rinse-clean and deodorize all types of spots and odors. Wait just 5 minutes after solution is poured on the area and then apply the SpotVac tool and wet dry vacuum for only a few minutes to produce Sub-Surface Extraction results like a professional.

SpotVac Demo

Sub-Surface Extraction - How Does it Work?