Getting the Right Flushing Solution

Chemical Line

For best results, it helps to get to the spill before it dries. This keeps the "Spill" from turning into a "Spot" and makes sub-surface flush-cleaning easier, faster, and more economical.

Use the chart below to determine what Sub-Surface Flushing Solutions you need.

Chemical Line
Pre-Step Odor Relief Conditioner Spot Out

How to Use

Locate problem spot or area & identify the source, and clean any waste off the carpet. Gather the solutions needed to clean the area.

Shake bottles well before mixing with up to 1 gallon of cold/warm water. Each solution must be mixed separately in the order as indicated on the chart.
Pour a generous amount of the solution over the problem area and gently agitate the carpet fibers with a rag or soft brush to break up the stain. Then allow to set for 5 minutes. Do not saturate an area larger than 20 inches in diameter.
Attach the SpotVac tool to the wet vac. Place the tool on the area, turn on the wet vac, apply downward pressure on the tool, and allow the tool to extract the solution. Move tool around wet area if necessary to extract as much solution as possible. Keep extracting until little or no visible solution returns.
Empty the wet vac after two flushings to prevent overflow.
Apply the 2nd/3rd chemicals in the same manner, repeating steps 2-4. Do not flush with water.
Remove the SpotVac Tool and use the end of the wet vac hose to remove any remaining moisture from the surface of the carpet.
Clean the SpotVac Tool and wet vac before returning.